Top Photographers To Follow in 2017

mike colon is the best wedding photographer for 2017

With 2017 brings a new year of inspiration, motivation and hard work for photographers all around the world. Here at Digit List, we wanted to give you a run down of top photographers to follow into 2017 and beyond. While this may not be all the photographers we recommend you check out, definitely give the ones we have listed below a follow and tell them we sent you 😉

Our List of Top Photographers To Follow in 2017

You may be wondering what we grade our most recommend photographers off of and no, it’s not a number of followers they have on social media or even how successful their businesses are (some of them ARE very successful, though). Instead, we like to look at the overall picture and give you a resource that loves to reach out and help other, fellow photographers.

Without anymore hesitation, let’s crack into our list!

Mike Colon – Destination Wedding Photographer

mike colon is the best wedding photographer for 2017

Mike Colon has been in the industry for a very long time; in fact, for more than 20 years he has been shooting professionally and inspiring others to hone their photography craft and businesses.

He has had the opportunity of shooting some very high profile, celebrity clients in not only the wedding world (his specialty) but also on special, portrait assignments. He has also been featured in publications that range from US Weekly all the way to Wedding Style.

Mike’s considered a Sony Artisan and is touted as one of Lexar’s Elite Photographers which are both highly respected and hard to attain sponsorships only achieved through true perseverance and mastery of photography. While he used to shoot Nikon exclusively, he has recently switched over to a more compact camera system (Sony’s Mirrorless cameras)

His home base is Los Angeles (Long Beach), California and has a beautiful family you’ll typically see him talk about and feature on his Instagram.

Why We Picked Mike Colon…

If you’re looking for a guy who is down to earthreal and totally authentic, then Mike is your guy. He’s always openly giving and doesn’t shy away from telling you the realities of the photography world. He’s not going to “sugar coat” things and get you to buy his next greatest, the latest program (although he did release some amazing DVD’s (which look to be currently sold out) and periodically hosts a workshop that gets amazing reviews). His business advice is sound and he has a legion of followers who have become very successful photographers because of his principles and teachings. Mike is not going to lead you astray and you can trust that everything he tells you is life, people and photography principles that you need to take note of and use to your advantage.

With that being said – don’t wait! Head over to Mike’s website or search for him on social media and start looking at his work and absorbing everything he has to say and show about the photography world – the guy really knows his stuff! 

As a last note, we want to say THANK YOU to Mike for always being such an inspiration and motivation the photography community.

We are continually adding to this list and would love to hear your feedback on some of your favorite photographers to follow for the year. Leave them in the comments below and they may just end up on our list!