Range Bag Essentials

list of essential items to have in your range bag

Our Range Bag Checklist

Now that we’ve reviewed some our favorite range bags, let’s talk about coming up with a list of items so that you don’t hit the range without the proper gear:

Safety First!

First and foremost, protect yourself! Eye and ear protection are the most important pieces of gear you will store in your range bag. Although some gun ranges will loan or rent eyes & ears to wear, having your own gear ensures comfort and proper fit for maximum safety.


There is a wide variety of eye protection available that is both functional and fashionable so be sure what you choose meets OSHA standards. This means that the eye protection is made of shatterproof polycarbonate and isn’t just a common pair of sunglasses. In addition to providing vital protection, shooting glasses can also improve one’s accuracy with certain lens tints. This is achieved by enhancing a shooter’s view of their target or sights in particular environments by increasing contrast or reducing blue light levels which cause haze.

Ear Protection

Like eyewear, there is also a wide variety of ear protection available for you to choose from. This includes simple disposable earplugs, custom molded plugs, passive earmuffs, and electronic noise-canceling muffs. Whatever your preference may be, your range bag should always contain one or two pairs of foam earplugs as backups. For added protection, you can also double-up with plugs and muffs.

Guard those guns!

All firearms should always be stored in a safe and secure manner.  A typical method of storage is an empty magazine inserted into the firearm with an empty chamber. The firearm should be stored in a case, pouch or holster.  Some people prefer not to store their magazines in the firearm; regardless, any magazines that are pre-loaded should always be stored and secured in a separate compartment.

Ammo: Don’t leave home without it

What’s a trip to the range without ammo? The ammo you bring should be dependable and reasonably priced. Many people will shoot whatever they can buy on sale with no consistency in brand or grain weight.  It is recommended that you find a load or loads that run well in your firearm and consistently practice with it.

Targets, Masking Tape, Pen

A complementary target is typically included with your range fee; however, most shooters find that they need additional targets. It may be most convenient for you to bring your target(s) from home; however, if that is not the case, you can usually choose from a wide variety of targets that the range has available for purchase. Having a roll of masking tape available to patch the holes on your target after you shoot will prolong the life of the target.  A Sharpie or pen is helpful to have for marking on targets and taking notes if you are using documenting and tracking your progress