New Parents: Must-Have Apps For Newborns

instant playdates app

Make no doubt about it that being a new parent isn’t easy: learning how to care for this new little bundle of joy that relies solely on you can make you feel overwhelmed and lost at times. Thankfully, in today’s day and age we have the opportunity to use technology to our advantage and not only make life a little bit easier, but reduce our stress and have the confidence to navigate the unknowns of this new, baby world.

With that said, today I wanna’ break down the best apps for newborns that we think you can use to your advantage… today! So make sure your little one is asleep and spend the next few minutes browsing through our top picks, picking out a few that may apply to you, and then install them and reap the benefits!

Okay, let’s jump on in:

Total Baby:

total baby app review

If you’re looking for an app that’s gonna do it all for you, then Total Baby needs to be one of the first picks on your list. With this app, you’ll be able to track almost all of your newborn’s habits and information such as:

  • Nap times
  • Typical sleeping hours
  • Amount of wet diapers
  • Times for feeding
  • Baby milestones
  • Doctor entries

This app is available on iTunes with an upgraded version that’ll only cost you $2.99.

For the price, this app makes keeping track of everything about your baby as easy as possible so you can have all the information you need in one hand, dandy place.

Cloud Baby Monitor:

cloud baby monitor app

We recently did a review on the top baby monitors, but the Cloud Baby Monitor is a completely different beast and here’s why:

A lot of individuals have multiple iOS devices around their home (such as an iPhone and an iPad) and don’t necessarily want to spend the extra $$ on a traditional baby monitor setup. With the Cloud Baby Monitor, you can now setup one device in the child’s room while keeping the other (your phone) by your side. This will act like a traditional monitor, but gives you the capability to take it on the go and anywhere you need to use it. Whether you’re on vacation or at a family member’s house and don’t want to lug around the traditional monitor, then Cloud will be your life saver.

Simple, easy and quick to use it what we found with this app. It’s available on iTunes and at only $4 it’s super reasonable and a great option.

Instant Playdates:

instant playdates app

Gone are the days of having to jog your memory and remember what play dates you had set up and with who. Instant Playdates gives you the capability to schedule dates with other parents you are friends with on social media or of families that have babies around the same as yours.

Let’s be honest: you’re a busy parent, so having an app that makes it easy to remember and can schedule “fun times” for your little ones is going to be a must have. You’ll love the option to see all your friend’s Instant Playdates on a Google map and be able to make impromptu get-togethers on the fly.

Having recently won a top 10 spot on the AT&T Open Call Contest, this app works on both Android and iOS devices, so check it out today.

Magic Sleep:

magic sleep

We all know how important it is to get our little one to sleep, but it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. In comes Magic Sleep, the ones who specialize in making your newborn not just sleep, but sleep soundly. With over 2 million downloads, there’s no mistaking this apps effectiveness; after all, they even throw in a warning to not use it while driving or operating heavy machinery!

Magic Sleep helps create sounds any newborn would be accustomed to hearing in the womb, which will soothe them, make them feel more comfortable (and at home), therefore allowing them to get to sleep faster, deeper and longer.

At a price of $3.99 and available on all iOS devices, it’s a great pick up if your in a pinch and want to try something else to get your newborn to go to sleep faster.

Sit Or Squat:

sit or squat app review

When I first heard about the Sit Or Squat app by Charmin, I had to chuckle, but when I read what it did it made total sense to me:

Have you ever been out with your little one and they needed to use a bathroom, but you always hesitate because you know 99% of bathrooms are going to be absolutely disgusting and a complete mess? Sit Or Squat is helping to alleviate this situation by giving you an app that locates some of top rated, cleanest bathrooms for your baby around where you are at.

This is a life-saver for those unexpected moments when you’re out in public and it is time to change diapers or when you’re toddler needs to use the potty. You can even bookmark locations that you found clean and save them for future use.

Available exclusively on iOS, this app will take the stress out of finding a clean bathroom to change your little one.

Do you have any apps you’ve used and couldn’t live without? We’d love to hear your recommendations, so let us know below in the comments!